Tips and Tricks on Motorola


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    Tips and Tricks on Motorola

    Post by akhil_bbsr on Sat Mar 22, 2008 11:50 pm

    OPCODE to change bandwidth:
    Click Menu then 048263* This open OPCODE
    Enter the following code:
    10*0*3 for GSM 900
    10*0*4 for GSM 1800
    10*0*5 for GSM 1900
    10*0*6 Dual band GSM 900/1800 (European and ASIA )
    10*0*7 North America GSM 850/1900.
    Note:After you enter a selected code and hit ok you see Success it is done.

    To any one that used PIN to lock the fone and fogot the code (4 digit) either find smartmoto to read it or use this opcode to master rest and master clear.
    048263* to get to opcode


    __________________________________________________ ________________

    To copy a ring tone or wallpaper from one V600 to another V600 (or other BT phone), highlight the item you want to copy, hit the 'Menu' key, 'Copy', then 'Look for Devices'.
    **Never tried this with video files however( too large).

    During playing of MP3 files you can click "Hide" on the right softkey and it will go to the main screen and you can change tracks by clicking left or right. Also during play close your phone, it will still play. Clicking the END CALL button will stop the music.

    When you want to make a phone call with bluetooth headset(voice dialing). Instead of pressing the headset button you can hit the V600 voice key.

    In a phone call with your wired headset, and having the flip closed, just unplug the headset to turn it off. Its fast and quick to put the phone away without the headset being plugged in.

    To bookmark a WAP page to your phone, press and hold the 'Menu' key.

    If your games are too loud (You can't turn down the volume using the volume keys) you have to turn them down in the Java settings.
    **You can find them at >> Menu > Settings > Java Settings > App Volume (goes upto 7)...and also some games have the vibrate feature on, so you can turn this on or off at this menu also. And also you can turn on / off the backlight.

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    "First, to enter the opcode screen, press Menu + 048263 + *. This will bring you to a box prompting you for an opcode. Before you can enter any codes, it will be necessary to suspend the phone. To do this, enter 54* and press OK. The display will go black and the phone will be suspended. Press the camera button on the outside of your phone to turn the backlight back on. You should see "SUCCESS" on the screen. Go back and then you can enter whatever opcodes you like. So far these are the ones I have that work - feel free to send more if you got them. About the only useful one is the audio level".


    0*0*0 Select tone 0
    0*0*1 Select tone 1
    0*0*2 Select tone 2
    0*0*3 Select tone 3
    0*0*4 Select tone 4
    0*0*5 Select tone 5
    0*0*6 Select tone 6
    0*0*7 Select tone 7
    0*0*8 Select tone 8
    0*0*9 Select tone 9
    3*0*1 Enable vibrator
    3*0*0 Disable vibrator
    4*3*1 Enable speech coder full rate Audio loopback
    4*3*0 Disable speech coder full rate
    4*4*1 Enable speech coder enhanced full rate
    4*4*0 Disable speech coder enhanced full rate
    4*5*1 Enable speech coder half rate
    4*5*0 Disable speech coder half rate
    5*0*0 Set audio level 0
    5*0*1 Set audio level 1
    5*0*2 Set audio level 2
    5*0*3 Set audio level 3
    5*0*4 Set audio level 4
    5*0*5 Set audio level 5
    5*0*6 Set audio level 6
    5*0*7 Set audio level 7
    5*0*8 Set audio level 8
    5*0*9 Set audio level 9
    5*0*10 Set audio level 10
    5*0*11 Set audio level 11
    5*0*12 Set audio level 12
    5*0*13 Set audio level 13
    5*0*14 Set audio level 14
    5*0*15 Set audio level 15
    6*2*2*0*0 Set Audio Path. Int Mic, IntSpk, RX unmute, TX unmute
    6*4*6*0*0 Set Audio Path. Boom Mic, Boom Spk, RX unmute, TX unmute
    18*0 Initialize non-volatile memory (Master Reset)
    18*1 Initialize Non-volatile memory (Master Clear)
    55*2*001 Test Display. All pixels ON
    55*2*000 Test Display. All pixels OFF
    55*2*002 Test Display. Checkerboard pattern A
    55*2*003 Test Display. Checkerboard pattern B
    55*2*004 Test Display. Border pixels ON

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    Opcodes of Motorola is:

    0*0*0 Select tone 0
    0*0*1 Select tone 1
    0*0*2 Select tone 2
    0*0*3 Select tone 3
    0*0*4 Select tone 4
    0*0*5 Select tone 5
    0*0*6 Select tone 6
    0*0*7 Select tone 7
    0*0*8 Select tone 8
    0*0*9 Select tone 9
    0*0*124 Select tone 1 KHz
    0*0*125 Select tone 2 KHz
    0*0*126 Select tone 3 KHz
    0*0*127 Select tone 4 KHz
    0*1*X Disable tone X
    3*0*1 vibrator Inable
    3*0*0 vibrator Disable
    4*3*1 Inable speech to coder full rate Audio loopback
    4*3*0 Disable speech to coder full rate
    4*4*1 Inable speech to coder enhanced full rate
    36 January 23, 2003 680945Ã82
    Troubleshooting C350 Series
    4*4*0 Disable speech to coder enhanced full rate
    4*5*1 Inable speech to coder half rate
    4*5*0 Disable speech to coder half rate
    5*0*0 Audio audio Seth level 0 level
    5*0*1 audio Seth level 1
    5*0*2 audio Seth level 2
    5*0*3 audio Seth level 3
    5*0*4 audio Seth level 4
    5*0*5 audio Seth level 5
    5*0*6 audio Seth level 6
    5*0*7 audio Seth level 7
    5*0*8 audio Seth level 8
    5*0*9 audio Seth level 9
    5*0*10 audio Seth level 10
    5*0*11 audio Seth level 11
    5*0*12 audio Seth level 12
    5*0*13 audio Seth level 13
    5*0*14 audio Seth level 14
    5*0*15 audio Seth level 15
    6*2*2*0*0 Audio Seth Path. Int Mic, IntSpk, RX unmute, TX unmute
    6*4*6*0*0 Audio Seth Path. Boom Mic, Spk Boom, RX unmute, TX unmute
    10*0*3 Seth band GSM 900
    10*0*4 Seth band DCS 1800
    10*0*5 Seth band PCS 1900
    10*0*6 dual Seth band GSM 900/1800
    10*1*0 Read band 3 4 = GSM 5 = DCS 6 = PCS = GSM/DCS
    18*0 Initialize non-volatile memory (Reset Masters)
    18*1 Initialize Non-volatile memory (Clear Masters)
    20*X*0 Load Channel to number X Select Channel (for Used debugging Rx mode)
    20*1*0 Load channel to number 1 GSM Low channel
    20*62*0 Load channel to number 62 GSM Mid channel
    20*124*0 Load channel to number 124 GSM High channel
    20*512*0 Load channel to number 512 DCS Low channel
    20*700*0 Load channel to number 700 DCS Mid channel
    20*885*0 Load channel to number 885 CDS High channel
    20*512*0 Load channel to number 512 PCS Low channel
    20*661*0 Load channel to number 661 PCS Mid channel
    20*810*0 Load channel to number 810 PCS High channel
    55*2*001 Display Test. All pixels ON
    55*2*000 Display Test. All pixels OFF
    55*2*002 Display Test. Checkerboard pattern A
    Table 2. Manual Commands Test (Continued)
    Key Sequence Test Function/Name Remarks
    Level 1 and 2 Manual Service Troubleshooting
    55*2*003 Display Test. Checkerboard pattern B
    55*2*004 Display Test. Border pixels ON
    * # 06 # IMEI Check NonTest Mode Required

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Menu>Personalise>Home Screen>Home Keys> here

    if anything seems to be locked try going to Menu>Settings>Security>Lock Application (1234default)

    Addendum 6- Unlocking the Right Soft Key:

    On certain flexes (AT&T), the right soft key is locked to mMode and cannot be changed in Settings > Personalize > Home Screen > Home Keys.
    Here's how to unlock that key (or another key, for that matter) so you can change it to what you want.
    Open the mma_ucp in XVI32 (refer to the section "Activating Menu Items for Special Features" for more info).
    Toward the top of the file, you should notice the "Browser" menu item.
    In the offset just prior to the text "Browser" you should see "E" on the text side of XVI32.
    Change that offset from "E" to "A".
    Upload mma_ucp back to the /a/system/ directory.
    Make the exact same change to mma_dcp and upload that back to the /a/system/ directory.
    Restart your phone and you can now change the right soft key to whatever you want! <<

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    How to backup games from your phone to your PC.

    Use p2kman to view the files on your phone.

    Then you will see the a whole bunch of files in this directory:


    the files with the extention *.jar in this directory are your games.

    eg: j2me0.jar -1st game on your list
    j2me1.jar -2nd game on your list
    j2me2.jar -3rd game on your list
    __________________________________________________ _________________
    Opcode to enable java uploader function.

    Press "Menu"-key and IMMEDIATELY type 048263*

    You will see some requests to enter data:

    Opcode- enter 47 and press OK
    Field1- 50
    Field2- 1
    Field3- 67
    Field4- 1
    Field5(D)- 247

    After that on display will appear Results F1:0

    Re boot your fone and it's done

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    Re: Tips and Tricks on Motorola

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    good job sir thx. for your good post

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    Re: Tips and Tricks on Motorola

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    Nice job Sir...keep it up

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    Re: Tips and Tricks on Motorola

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