Iphone 2.2 Firmware how to?


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    Iphone 2.2 Firmware how to? Empty Iphone 2.2 Firmware how to?

    Post by Admin on Sat Nov 29, 2008 10:35 pm

    Iphone 2.2 Firmware how to? Thx to AES
    here is how to unlock Iphone 3g with Firmware 2.2.
    It happened to me by accident to upgrade phone, so it took
    me now 2 days to find out how to make it work again.

    You need:
    - YESSIM with Programmer
    - Original SimCard to Activate Iphone

    1. Inster Original SimCard into Iphone, e.q. ATT if its locked on ATT
    T-Mobile Germany if locked ion T-Mobile Germany etc...
    2. Turn off Phone, Hold Home+Power Button 10sec, then leave
    Power Button, only hold Home Button till Phone goes to Recovery
    Mode (Cable and Itunes Symbol)
    3. Flash with Latest Firmware 2.2
    4. Activate iPhone with Original Sim via Itunes
    5. Make new Settings on YESSIM:
    a) Firmware 23
    b) Boost Mode
    c) Universal
    d) Patch Count "must be" 5
    6. Insert Yessim and any SimCard into Iphone
    7. Wait till it asks for Carrier, then choose manually
    your Carrier(Provider).
    8. DONE !!!


    Tested on Several Iphones with Several Providers. After Phone is working
    dont use it with other Yessim (for testing or whatever).
    Because Phone will block it !!! Then u need to repeat all steps incl.
    Flashing again !!!

    simply download iTunes from apple, you can google it, or
    find it on apple homepage, then install, and connect phone via usb,
    itunes will recognize it and ask you for recover it.

    Special Thx to : AES-AACHEN TEAM,

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