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    Panda Internet Security 2008 v12 Pp10

    Panda Internet Security 2008 v12

    truly global security with the new Panda Internet Security 2008. All
    your computer activity will be fully protected against identity theft
    and you can forget about viruses, spyware, hackers, spam, online fraud
    and other Internet threats. You'll also be able to make automated
    backup copies of your most important documents and optimize the
    performance of your computer.
    • New! Automated backup system
    Safeguard your files against accidental loss or damage.
    No doubt at some time or other you have lost important documents that
    were saved on your PC, either through unintentionally deleting them or
    due to hard disk problems or other accidents. With Panda Internet
    Security 2008 you can now make simple automatic backup copies that will
    let you restore these files whenever you need. You can also select the
    files that you want to save and make backup copies either on hard disk,
    CD, DVD or other external drive. Back up your files quickly and easily!

    • New! Optimized PC performance system.
    Panda Tuneup: helps optimize operating system performance.
    Sometimes your computer may operate erratically or slow down for no
    apparent reason. In these cases, the first thing to do is to use the
    system's optimization and maintenance tools. Panda Internet Security
    2008 helps you access these utilities directly. First it cleans out all
    unnecessary components (removing cookies, temporary files, items in the
    recycle bin, etc.) and then defragments the disk to optimize
    performance. Keep your computer in top shape!

    • Offer! Now 12 months' free online backup
    With up to 1 GB of storage space on a secure online server.
    The ability to access your most important documents securely from any
    computer offers numerous advantages. Panda Internet Security 2008 lets
    you make backup copies -quickly and simply- on a secure Internet
    server, with up to 1 GB of storage space for 12 months. Safeguard your
    information online!

    • Latest generation antivirus
    Automatically detects and eliminates all types of viruses.
    If content is missing from your hard disk, if you have problems
    starting your computer, or if some of your files are unusable, you can
    be sure you've been hit by a computer virus. You can be infected just
    by surfing the Net, downloading a file, or opening an email attachment.
    There are also the dangers of worms and Trojans which now use new
    stealth techniques to evade detection.
    With Panda Internet Security
    2008 you can use the Internet and download or share files in the
    knowledge that you are fully protected against all types of viruses,
    worms and Trojans. Forget about infections!

    • Powerful AntiSpyware
    Keeps your PC free from spyware.
    Computer slowdowns, annoying and aggressive pop-up ads, sudden changes
    to your system settings... these are just some of the effects that
    spyware can have on your PC. The real danger however is that these
    threats can steal information about your Internet activity and then use
    it without your knowledge.
    Panda Internet Security 2008 automatically detects and removes spyware and other annoying programs. Safeguard your privacy!

    • Panda Identity Protect
    Secures your personal data.
    Whenever you shop or bank online, you have to provide data to verify
    your identity, such as your account number, credit card number or other
    ID. This information is sensitive and needs to be protected. The new
    Panda Internet Security 2008, through the Identity Protect feature,
    lets you know at any time when this type of data is about to be sent
    out of the computer so you are in control at all times. Don't let
    anyone access your data without your permission!

    • Personal bi-directional firewall
    Blocks hackers and intruders.
    When you connect to the Internet, many programs try to access your PC.
    Some of them are not dangerous, such as those that let you update
    applications you have installed, but others will try to exploit your
    connection or control your computer.
    Panda Internet Security 2008
    includes a configurable personal firewall to stop intruders and hackers
    from accessing your PC. Turn your computer into a fortress!

    • AntiPhishing
    Protects against online fraud.
    Certain emails are designed to trick you into revealing your
    confidential bank details. They may appear to have been sent from your
    bank, but they have not. Falling into the trap can be costly: it could
    give the phishers complete access to your accounts. Panda Internet
    Security 2008 can identify these fraudulent emails, and prevent you
    from revealing your bank details, account numbers or other confidential
    Panda Internet Security 2008 will keep you safe from these dangerous scams. Bank and shop online with complete peace of mind!

    • TruPrevent Technologies
    Double protection.
    Some new threats are able to spread globally in just a few hours. In
    this time, your PC could be unprotected as your antivirus will not have
    had time to update. The TruPrevent Technologies included in Panda
    Internet Security 2008 detect and block these unknown threats,
    intelligently scanning program behavior. This means your PC will have
    the reinforced protection it needs. Stay one step ahead of unknown

    • AntiRootkit
    Detects threats that try to hide on your PC.
    Rootkits can be used to hide threats and prevent them from being
    detected by security solutions. These threats can then act with
    impunity on your system. With Panda Internet Security 2008 you won't
    have any problem, as its reinforced protection system can detect
    threats that use this stealth technique. Protect yourself from hidden

    • AntiSpam
    Automatic blocking of junk mail.
    No doubt you often receive emails from unknown or dubious senders. This
    avalanche of spam is time-wasting and can make it difficult to find the
    emails you really need to read. The reinforced anti-spam technology in
    Panda Internet Security 2008 automatically filters junk mail, keeping
    your inbox free from spam. Rid yourself of the avalanche of junk mail!

    • Parental control
    Restricts access to inappropriate websites.
    If you're worried about your children accessing violent, pornographic
    or racist content, or that your employees are wasting valuable time
    visiting non-work related websites, Panda Internet Security 2008 has
    the solution. Its content control feature can let you decide what type
    of web pages each user of a computer can view, with a range of custom
    filters (child, adolescent, employee…) You decide how the Internet
    should be used!


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