when i was updating my i-phone it stopped in between ?



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    when i was updating my i-phone it stopped in between ?

    Post by aziz08 on Sat Jun 21, 2008 2:06 am

    Dear Sir,
    I have done unlocking for i-phones before also. In the same experience i tried to unlock this phone. But it resulted in another problem. Below are the things which i have done in detail. Please check and tell me a solution.

    * when i connected the USB cable, the pcc detected i-phone and opened i-tunes. In i tunes, it was opened under the heading summary. Only i-phone was detected and version and other details were shown "not available"
    * at that time, the "update" button was disabled. Then a message was shown, restore ur phone to bring the original settings. when i clicked, it started for restring and stopped with another message. "Not possible to restore due to error[6]"
    * and i removed the cable, after removing the cable, when i ON the phone, the phone is stuck in the starting and after a few seconds it shows sign of connecting the "USB cable to itunes sign". And its not moving forward.
    * and the second time when i connected the phne for updating, a message showing "itunes have detected an i-phone in recovery mode"

    This is my problem. What should i do.

    I need an immediate help. please give ur messenger ids.
    Awaiting ur valuable response.
    My email id:,, \
    Aziz - from india, kerala, working in nigeria
    +235 6633193

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